Sometimes in life you just need to take a moment and ground yourself, take a deep breath and release it into the world with it your quick beating heart, fear and any confusion you need to take a moment and breathe don’t allow your feelings to become bottled up, far more of us are claustrophobic than we realize and we may just need to bust through the walls we’ve built for our own feelings because they become too much and we can’t take it. Well, that’s when the damage is done and when it’s done it’s done, you can’t go back and clean up a place after a hurricane like before it was the hurricane ever hit, words and actions are like a hurricane and sometimes in a fear induced panic of a hurricane we make ourselves we spit out winds of words and aggressions, self sorry, pity party, sad ways and we destroy relationships for ourselves and others, once we’ve had a claustrophobic hurricane outburst well then we are left with pieces we have to try to piece things bad together… boy let us all try to take a step back, have a snack, a drink or a nap… think before you speak.

Steampunk Squirrel


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