Indigo and Bee

Indigo after having a long week settled into bed, she could hardly clear her tired mind it has almost been 7 years since that tragic day and yet it seems like only yesterday it occurred. The call that came in that shook her world to the very core. She has been searching for him wondering why she can’t find him? Why hasn’t he come to her yet? I mean she sees people like this all the time and gives messages to those that need them, the perfect closure for some to go on and live a happy life knowing that things are okay. This wasn’t the case for Indigo, she has been looking for years and waiting for a sign surely this person even in their most confused state that lead him to do what he did still loved her why couldn’t she see him and know that it’s all okay? “Why am I the one to give messages so people can have closure but I have this turmoil all around me this week and I haven’t had the chance at closure yet.” Thoughts that Indigo had as her eyes became heavy, she never tries to take thoughts like that and run with them or give them life for what she does is a blessing to many and she tries to stay humble and loving. Looking in the kitchen it looked far different It had a light about it looking so surreal glowing almost as if she was again in the spirit realm as she looked around at all the different appearances of things in the familiar room she realized she was in spirit realm then he walked into the room, Indigo’s heart skipped a happy beat! “Your here!” She exclaimed, “how have you been? Where have you been?” Bee replied, ” I’m doing great here, I’m happy and I don’t hurt anymore. I was sick and lost the true meaning of live for 7 years before I left, I had to atone for that and it took 7 years, it’s coming upon 7 years of the anniversary and I’m free now.” Smiling Indigo realizes that Bee is taking folded towels and moving them from shelf to shelf in the cupboard many different colored towels from one shelf to another and back again. Indigo asks, ” Well since your here you don’t need to eat, or sleep or even drink, what are those towels for what are you doing?” Bee replies, ” I’m preparing for Rose to join me, and you’re right I don’t ever get tired, hungry or thirsty, I’m just purely happy now it’s very beautiful here. I’ve come to tell you that I am okay and that you are going to be okay too, it’s all going to work out Indigo just relax.” As Bee smiles at Indigo she see the love on his face like old times and the twinkle in his eye as he’s happy to see her here he says, ” The towels? Well I have to be doing something when we speak don’t I? I don’t even have to shower here we don’t have dirt.” Smiling at each other Indigo opens her eyes. “Thank you, thank you for letting me know.” 


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