Faith, Hope and love.

Faith, Hope and Love…

What is Faith? Is Faith nothing but knowing that everything is going to be alright that you will perceiver in the end.

What is Hope? Is it not much like Faith? However hoping that you will have the love and patience in all circumstances in your coming day and then again the next? 

What is love? Is it not loving and embracing every moment in your life, the good, the bad and the grey? Without the bad days we wouldn’t be able to see what our good days were, with our grey days we wouldn’t enjoy the color of life. 

We only get one go around in this life, ONLY ONE… use the chance you have today to live with a passion to love every moment of the day and to realize it’s a gift. Love with Faith that everything is going to be alright, live with hope that you will be able to perceiver through the tough times shining with patience and love. Don’t forget to love yourself, those that love you and those that don’t… they need the most love. 


Steampunk Squirrel


2 thoughts on “Faith, Hope and love.

  1. An ancient book of wisdom defined faith as the assured expectation of what is hoped for. So I guess they go hand in hand… we put faith in our hopes. And hope for what we love… or even, we love the things we hope for 🙂

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