Someone asked her, “your husband is gone why do you still wear those rings you can take them off?” 

To which Annalee replied, ” yes my husband is gone now, but I loved him dear and so, the bond we shared was deep whether anyone could see it, we knew it. He’s gone and there’s really no one that can take his place and I’m not looking to fill it. The rings now symbolize to me my commitment to the church, the engagement ring looks like a crown our blessed Mother wears reminds me that I can call out to her and she hears me and loves me as much as she loves her son, the band symbolizes to me that I have a commitment to God and that he is always there watching me, I’m never alone they lift me up, they give me hope, they cause me to love and remind me to pray. I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’ve lived a full life and perhaps things don’t always turn out the way we hoped or planned but is it not okay to look at the situation that has come upon us and make the best of it, find the beauty in all things and life will never be bad it will then be blessed.”

Then the someone replied, “Annalee, you’ve been through so much and you are so kind still, you have a way of looking at things so matter how sad or bad they can be and turning it into a positive you are so wise and you amaze me with how well you handle things through your pain that you must feel. I’m so blessed to know you and to speak with you.”

To this Annalee couldn’t speak for she was humbled, it was clear her prayers had been heard and she had been given the strength needed to overcome her loss and that strength could be seen shining brightly. 

Annalee finally replied, “my dear friend, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them more than you know. I am blessed as well to have you as a friend that I can speak with.”


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