When life gives you lemons make…

What a lovely moment in time with family and friends, you know Easter just passed and what a beautiful celebration we had. I happened to wear a very cute spring dress with lemons on it that inspired me to write a little poem as I was driving down the winding mountainous road in the town we live something I always find myself doing, singing and thinking. Well that’s really enough jabber here it is. 

When life gives you lemons don’t make lemonade, lemonade will give you acne we don’t need or want acne, when life gives you lemons you throw them on some fabric you make a dress and wear those lemons and you slay… slay all the haters spray lemon juice in their eyes if you have to it’s your turn to shine, live your life and be beautiful you and never let anyone stop you from being you. 

I hope you enjoy have a blessed Monday and I hope when you see lemons at the grocery you think of my little poem. 


Steampunk Squirrel 


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