Things you shouldn’t eat…

Steampunk chatter among  friends…

Things you shouldn’t eat and what we could make out of these things…

Featuring myself A Steampunk Squirrel, my friend Annie Owl, and Bee Bear Bones.

 S.S. Chicken feet, seriously what part do you eat and why can you still buy these from the store? 

A.O. Haha eww I don’t know, why don’t we make coat hooks with them.

B.B.B. Hahaha (easy going guy)

S.S. Well why don’t we make a wreath out of them and hang on the front door surely that would deter the salespeople from knocking while looking so stylish?

B.B.B. (Laughing harder as he shakes his head)

A.O. Ooh that would be so cool we can spray paint them silver. What about Chitterlings who ever decided to eat them? 

S.S. I’m not sure but I really think that we could weave them into baskets and dry them out. I think they would make an excellent basket sturdy too. 

A.O. That’s perfect! We could make some with chicken feet on the bottom so they could stand up off the ground!

B.B.B. Through breaking laughter and smiles, what about caviar? Have you tried that? 

S.S. I haven’t tried it yet, however I purchased some from the market and kept the jar for a long time, I think caviar eggs are beautiful like black pearls. I never ate them, never even opened the jar the fridge went out and I threw them out. 

A.O. Ooh we could use them in a vase…

S.S. made from chitterlings!

B.B.B /A.O. Laugh…

A.O. Please Steampunk Squirrel make a comic out of this conversation and draw pictures. I would pay to read it.

It’s a wonderful thing to be in the company of friends whom understand you and love you, except you for who you are no matter what comes out of your mouth. Lifting you up in love and encouragement. In this Steampunk world I couldn’t ask for two better friends than Annie Owl and Bee Bear Bones. Thank you both from the bottom of my Steampunk Squirrel heart. 


Steampunk Squirrel 


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