First post and Greetings


I’m Steampunk Squirrel I live in this Steampunk world, We all do, and deep down you know that we are all Steampunk put together here and there with gears, feelings, love, life and experiences all clinging to us making us all our own truly unique and beautiful Steampunk-selves. Life is but about the journey on our path and sharing our stories of love and life. Forgiveness is nothing without strife and a life without love? What is that life? Sometimes we truly don’t know what we have until it’s gone and other times we see what we have and we want to give it away, to share is to love and care. Sharing stories and experiences seem like the proper thing to do for ones growth and stability for what is a mind if it’s not open to understand? What is a heart if it’s not open to love? What is the soul if it’s not receptive to growth? So I’ve come here to chatter my stories, some happy, sad, beautiful and tragic. What is a rainbow if first there is no storm?



Steampunk Squirrel


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