Sometimes in life you just need to take a moment and ground yourself, take a deep breath and release it into the world with it your quick beating heart, fear and any confusion you need to take a moment and breathe don’t allow your feelings to become bottled up, far more of us are claustrophobic than we realize and we may just need to bust through the walls we’ve built for our own feelings because they become too much and we can’t take it. Well, that’s when the damage is done and when it’s done it’s done, you can’t go back and clean up a place after a hurricane like before it was the hurricane ever hit, words and actions are like a hurricane and sometimes in a fear induced panic of a hurricane we make ourselves we spit out winds of words and aggressions, self sorry, pity party, sad ways and we destroy relationships for ourselves and others, once we’ve had a claustrophobic hurricane outburst well then we are left with pieces we have to try to piece things bad together… boy let us all try to take a step back, have a snack, a drink or a nap… think before you speak.

Steampunk Squirrel


Indigo and Bee

Indigo after having a long week settled into bed, she could hardly clear her tired mind it has almost been 7 years since that tragic day and yet it seems like only yesterday it occurred. The call that came in that shook her world to the very core. She has been searching for him wondering why she can’t find him? Why hasn’t he come to her yet? I mean she sees people like this all the time and gives messages to those that need them, the perfect closure for some to go on and live a happy life knowing that things are okay. This wasn’t the case for Indigo, she has been looking for years and waiting for a sign surely this person even in their most confused state that lead him to do what he did still loved her why couldn’t she see him and know that it’s all okay? “Why am I the one to give messages so people can have closure but I have this turmoil all around me this week and I haven’t had the chance at closure yet.” Thoughts that Indigo had as her eyes became heavy, she never tries to take thoughts like that and run with them or give them life for what she does is a blessing to many and she tries to stay humble and loving. Looking in the kitchen it looked far different It had a light about it looking so surreal glowing almost as if she was again in the spirit realm as she looked around at all the different appearances of things in the familiar room she realized she was in spirit realm then he walked into the room, Indigo’s heart skipped a happy beat! “Your here!” She exclaimed, “how have you been? Where have you been?” Bee replied, ” I’m doing great here, I’m happy and I don’t hurt anymore. I was sick and lost the true meaning of live for 7 years before I left, I had to atone for that and it took 7 years, it’s coming upon 7 years of the anniversary and I’m free now.” Smiling Indigo realizes that Bee is taking folded towels and moving them from shelf to shelf in the cupboard many different colored towels from one shelf to another and back again. Indigo asks, ” Well since your here you don’t need to eat, or sleep or even drink, what are those towels for what are you doing?” Bee replies, ” I’m preparing for Rose to join me, and you’re right I don’t ever get tired, hungry or thirsty, I’m just purely happy now it’s very beautiful here. I’ve come to tell you that I am okay and that you are going to be okay too, it’s all going to work out Indigo just relax.” As Bee smiles at Indigo she see the love on his face like old times and the twinkle in his eye as he’s happy to see her here he says, ” The towels? Well I have to be doing something when we speak don’t I? I don’t even have to shower here we don’t have dirt.” Smiling at each other Indigo opens her eyes. “Thank you, thank you for letting me know.” 

Faith, Hope and love.

Faith, Hope and Love…

What is Faith? Is Faith nothing but knowing that everything is going to be alright that you will perceiver in the end.

What is Hope? Is it not much like Faith? However hoping that you will have the love and patience in all circumstances in your coming day and then again the next? 

What is love? Is it not loving and embracing every moment in your life, the good, the bad and the grey? Without the bad days we wouldn’t be able to see what our good days were, with our grey days we wouldn’t enjoy the color of life. 

We only get one go around in this life, ONLY ONE… use the chance you have today to live with a passion to love every moment of the day and to realize it’s a gift. Love with Faith that everything is going to be alright, live with hope that you will be able to perceiver through the tough times shining with patience and love. Don’t forget to love yourself, those that love you and those that don’t… they need the most love. 


Steampunk Squirrel

True love…

The truest most real and sincerest love for another comes only when you have learned to love yourself, your beautiful side, your beastly side, your light and dark, high and low, you learn to love every piece of you and then you will be able to love another with your whole heart. Purely. Amazingly love.

True love starts within you.


Steampunk Squirrel


Someone asked her, “your husband is gone why do you still wear those rings you can take them off?” 

To which Annalee replied, ” yes my husband is gone now, but I loved him dear and so, the bond we shared was deep whether anyone could see it, we knew it. He’s gone and there’s really no one that can take his place and I’m not looking to fill it. The rings now symbolize to me my commitment to the church, the engagement ring looks like a crown our blessed Mother wears reminds me that I can call out to her and she hears me and loves me as much as she loves her son, the band symbolizes to me that I have a commitment to God and that he is always there watching me, I’m never alone they lift me up, they give me hope, they cause me to love and remind me to pray. I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’ve lived a full life and perhaps things don’t always turn out the way we hoped or planned but is it not okay to look at the situation that has come upon us and make the best of it, find the beauty in all things and life will never be bad it will then be blessed.”

Then the someone replied, “Annalee, you’ve been through so much and you are so kind still, you have a way of looking at things so matter how sad or bad they can be and turning it into a positive you are so wise and you amaze me with how well you handle things through your pain that you must feel. I’m so blessed to know you and to speak with you.”

To this Annalee couldn’t speak for she was humbled, it was clear her prayers had been heard and she had been given the strength needed to overcome her loss and that strength could be seen shining brightly. 

Annalee finally replied, “my dear friend, thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them more than you know. I am blessed as well to have you as a friend that I can speak with.”

Pigs and Tramps

There are many pigs in the world that walk around in the masks of men, likewise there are plenty of Tramps that walk around in the modest skirts of ladies, nearly making it impossible to see whom they are until it’s too late. All I can say is be careful whom you choose to love, share your life with and open up to for these pigs and Tramps seek to capture your heart as if it’s something that belongs to them they will lay claim to it and try to own it they’ll take control and lay claim to your soul. Loving not you and the relationship but only loving the idea that they own you. 

They’ll leave you low and drowning as they take your heart and soul and place it in their bags and just walk away like nothing ever happened and they never knew you. 

Touch me…

Touch me…

Touch me with your eyes, look long into the depths of mine,

Touch me you hand against mine, gently guiding your hand unto my arm,

Touch me, moving your hand onto the curve of my neck leaning toward me, eyes beginning to close as you lean in for a passionate kiss.

Touch me, with your lips against mine passion and move your lips to my face then my neck,

Touch me, as you work your lips against my neck your hands find my hips and pull them gently toward you,

Touch me with you smell of lust and desire all over my body in all the glory of the passion of love that we share and both desire,

Touch me,

Touch me, 

Touch me, 

I want to feel your fire.